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About the company 

Impactful Growth
Impactful Growth was founded by Marine Liesenhoff with the unique aim to empower young adults, and business teams to embrace every opportunity to grow.
By combining her professional experience as an innovation expert and life coach, Marine designed a 3D step approach: (Discover, Dare, Develop). An approach that is modular and combines individual and collaborative activities to develop skills and tools to both create personal and professional growth:
  •  Emotional intelligence 
  •  Entrepreneurial thinking 
  •  Collaborative growth habit  
The approach can be given individually or through our programs: Lead your life "Starters" and "pro", which are both 100% accessible digitally and given in English.
Impactful growth is not only offering programs, it is also giving access to a
growth ecosystem of inspiring people worldwide. Each member is ready to challenge and support each other in their growth journey.
Because impact is not only a matter of personal development, we decided to donate 5% of our revenues to organizations that are making sure to protect our environment.
To increase transparency, we made sure each participant may select where to put their 5% donation, such as a local green project from our ecosystem, NGO, or support the costs of a new participant .
Our environment impact
Why now?
It is more important than ever before for young adults and corporate teams to develop digital and emotional skills as well as embracing an entrepreneurial and collaborative mindset to best adapt and respond to future opportunities and uncertainties.
  • The job market is evolving at a faster pace than any other period in recent history, which makes it hard for young adults to find an opportunity that fits their needs and capabilities. They often don't recognize themselves on the market or are disillusioned by their first years of working experience.  
  • (COVID-19) affects both young adults and business teams directly and indirectly. Besides falling ill, many young adults and corporate teams’ social, emotional, and mental well-being have been impacted by the pandemic.
  • In uncertain times we need to start thinking like entrepreneurs by challenging uncertainties with experiments and be open-minded for changes.  
  • Embracing digital skills is key in Today's worldDigital technology makes it easy to stay in touch with friends, family, and work remotely, even if you are in another part of the world. It allows us to communicate further and faster while creating new learning and growth opportunities.
  • Creating a growth habit will allow you to make a difference as an individual and as a team player. Being aware that we are constantly evolving and that empowering each other is the only way to reach our goals both the personal ones as well as the professionals.

" Going out of your comfort zone is the most powerful way to learn something new about yourself"

- Marine Liesenhoff -
Founder of Impactful Growth
about the founder
The founder
With five years of experience as an innovation expert working for international companies and sectors (such as ING, Luminus, and Achmea) and two years as a life coach, I now decided to launch Impactful Growth.
My aim is to support both young adults and teams with developing new skills and tools to build the future they want for themselves both personally and professionally. I believe that by embracing a new level of emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial thinking, and collaborative growth young adults and teams will be able to better approach uncertainty and unlock their full potential.
Therefore I developed a 3D approach:
1. Discover: The importance of being open-minded in order to discover new growth opportunities 
2. Dare: Thinking and acting like an entrepreneur is key before making decisions
 3. Develop: The power of building a growth habit and an inspiring network to grow stronger and faster.

MY real Cv,

including my failures and learnings :)



At 17 years 
 I left Mallorca and my family home to live as an expat in Bruxelles and start my studies
At 19 years
 I started my bachelor of applied sciences at IHECS 
 I found via LinkedIn my first two internships as a communication assistant
At 20 years
I co-organized the first Start-up weekend in Europe on the topic of circular & sharing economy
The weekend was a success and  3 start-ups from this event are still active today 
I supported the creation of Sharify  which aimed at empowering entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey around circular and sharing economy
I successfully accompanied want to be entrepreneurs in their journeys 
At 22 years
 I had the opportunity to unlock funds to be 100% employed by Sharify as well as 5 other team members
 I supported the successful development and launch of two academies aiming at supporting people in a job transition to learn entrepreneurial and coding skills
At 23 years
I was selected to join  the Smartup
 entrepreneurial and innovation master built in partnership between the European Commission, five European universities, and Standford University 
I started as a Freelancer  and helped organisations worldwide in their innovation transformation through coaching and training 
I successfully supported the innovation transformation of ING as a PACE Coach.
My role was to coach accelerator teams and internal teams to bring valuable solutions to the market fast and train the leadership on new innovation methodologies 
I enrolled in a training to become a certified life coach 
I started to coach young adults through their journey as young professionals
At 25 years
I moved to Holland and joined a consulting firm as an innovation and platform transformation consultant 
I supported the creation of the innovation and platform offer within PA consulting and co-writted both playbooks one along side Paul Sangeet Choudary
I successfully suported companies worldwilde and from different industries ( Retail, insurance, healthcare, financial services) in their innovation transformation and platform strategies
At 26 years
I created "Impactful Growth" in order to support more people and teams in their growth journey
I joined Luminus, one of the biggest energy provider in Belgium, as an innovation manager to support their team with their innovation discovery journey
I launched the Lead your life programs to empower young adults and teams to unlock their full potential while giving back to the environment

My Behind

the scene learnings

  • The first years were really difficult for me to be away from home

  • I didn´t dare to  tell anyone about my true feelings because I was ashamed 

  • I had to give up on my childhood dream of becoming a surgeon and find another path

  • I already had failed two first years of bachelor before joining IHECS.

  • I didn't really know what I would do after my studies

  • When I joined the team I had no idea what a startup weekend was nor how to build a start-up

  • I spent most of my weekends researching and learning from people who had organized or facilitated a similar weekend

  • I was the youngest on the team and I felt really insecure

  • I was learning most of my knowledge on the spot

  • I had to re-take most of my exams in the summer 

  • I realized that recognition is hard to get when being young

  • Making a difference for society and empowering others felt great

  • For the first time, I had to manage a budget and a team and I never hated Excel so much in my life

  • I was spending most of my free time working and not with friends

  • Each country empowers entrepreneurship differently

  • I spent all my week working as a freelancer and most of my weekends online for my master

  • Freelancing in a foreign country is scary but so rewarding in terms of culture sharing

  • Daring to ask for help and support when in doubt was my biggest learning

  • Cash-flow problems was a big issue for me when starting

  • Building a good network is key

  • I realized how little I knew about my emotions and my capabilities

  • Unlearning old patterns and developing acceptance was a key learning

  • I unlocked another level of self-awareness

  • I met powerful and inspiring people

  • Integrating as an expat is hard

  • Not coaching anymore made me extremely restless

  • The power of a good team is key

  • Honesty and authenticity can make a big difference

  • Working for different industries worldwide on their platform and innovation strategy allowed me to identify patterns in their needs and pitfalls

  • I realised that 100% consultant life without any coaching was not made for me

  • Starting something which you are 100% passionate about and resonates with you is the scariest and most rewarding feeling I had in my career 

  • I am looking forward to sharing more learnings with you 

  • What about your milestones and learnings?
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